About us

At the beginning Templeball started out as a fantasy.
Would it be possible to turn any of your favorite Canabis into a Templeball ? 
We worked nonstop on the idea and created a product that is pretty amazing.
Just like the gum that is being used in the old countries of East Asia, we created our own (Organic) Templeball Gum.
With our Templeball Gum you can stick together any Canabis Pollen,  micro pulverized Canabis flowers or even better any Canabis Shake you can find.
In three easy steps (15 min.) when using our Templeball Gum, you will end up with a perfect texture that is similar to Hashish, which you can roll in your hands and shape into a real Templeball. The result is infallible and quite extraordinary.
Of course, we don’t pretend to recreate a hand rubbed Royal Nepalese Temple Ball, but you will be amusingly surprised to discover what you can put together.
We are offering a simple way to turn your Old Shake into the most incredible Templeball….
Shake it up !