1. How long does it take to make?

Making your own TempleBall should only take you 15 minutes.


2. Does the TempleBall gum ever go bad?

The TempleBall gum has no expiration date. If the product crystalizes, you must reheat in a microwave (30 seconds) or on your stove for a couple of minutes until it becomes liquid again. 


3. Does the TempleBall gum change the quality of my marijuana?

The gum does not change the quality of your marijuana but rather delivers a smoother smoking experience for your shake.


4. What are the advantages of buying the TempleBall Gum?

The main advantage of the product we are selling is to give you a delicious and affordable use for your marijuana shake which most people end up not using or simply throwing away. The TempleBall gum has a great smell and is very smooth to smoke.