1. Is the Templeball Gum bad for my health ?

Our Templeball Gum is made from 100% natural ingredient. 


2. Does the Templeball gum ever go bad ?

The Templeball gum has no expiration date. If the product crystalizes, you must reheat in a microwave (30 seconds) or on your stove for a couple of minutes until liquid again. 


3. How long does it take to make. 

About 15 minutes. 


4. Does the Templeball gum change the quality of my marijuana ?

No, the Templeball gum will not change the quality of your marijuana. 


5. What are the advantages of the Templeball Gum ?

You will be able to recuperate all the powder from your marijuana that is usually hard to consume. The smell of your templeball marijuana when smoked will be less prominent than a normal joint.